ID-100182359Parents need coffee even more than normal people.  I’ve tried out lots of coffee places with the kiddo.  Our needs have changed as he’s grown.  When he was a little who dozed in his buggy, it was pretty easy really.  As long as you could fit the buggy through the door and there was space to put it next to your table inside.  No problem.

But now he’s a bit bigger my coffee options are more limited.  Here’s a few of my favourites:

Station Café – 2 Blackett Street, Rangiora – They have a box of toys inside for rainy days and they also have high chairs.  Outside there’s a big garden and a sandpit for the kids.  A regular sized cappuccino and a muffin will cost you $8.

Soda Café – Lehmans Rd, Rangiora – This one is a bit tucked away but they’ve got a lovely garden surrounded by paddocks and horses.  It’s perfect for a sunny day.  I’m not so keen on taking the kiddo there when it’s raining just because it’s quite cosy inside and I always feel a bit uncomfortable inflicting my running around, shouty toddler on people in such confined quarters.  But the cabinet food is really yummy and the coffee is great.  Expect to pay between $4.20 and $4.50 for a cappuccino depending on size and $4 for a muffin.

Artisan Café – High St, Rangiora – This is a great one for rainy days.  They’ve got a big area upstairs with a play area for kids and comfy couches for parents.  There’s an elevator so you can get buggies up easily and there’s also a change room apparently.  A cappuccino will set you back $4.20 and a muffin $3.50.

Café 51 – Main Road, Oxford – They have a great little play area set up out in the garden with a playhouse and slides, little plastic bikes for toddlers, etc.  Again, great for a good weather day, but indoors it’s not quite so easy for child entertainment.  Expect to pay around $8.50 for a cappuccino and a muffin.

Continental Bakery – Percival St, Rangiora – The café seating area here is teeny, but on a nice day it’s the perfect place to grab a takeout coffee and head across the road to the Victoria Park and playground.  It’s $4.50 for a medium sized cappuccino and $3.50 for a pretty large muffin.

What’s your favourite coffee spot?  Share it with us by leaving a comment below.

2 thoughts on “Kiddy Friendly Coffee Spots

  1. Reality Bites in the Gables is great and coffee culture has a playroom. I avoid the deli on Good Street as they huff and puff about prams and kids. REALLY looking forward to the organic cafe/deli opening on Queen Street in 3 weeks (the Ohoka farmers market people). Counting down the days!


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