This weekend we made our first visit back to the Rangiora Toy Library since the Christmas holidays.   And look at all the stuff we came home with – the kiddo couldn’t believe his eyes when he woke up from his nap and found his toy supply revamped.


We borrowed a Little Tikes slide, a Little Tikes mailbox, a Little Tikes zoo/fort type thing, plus a ride on toy and a wooden duck puzzle.  We get to keep these for two weeks.  And what’s great is we haven’t spent a fortune on toys and they won’t be cluttering up the house when the kiddo has got bored with them.

It’s a great way to keep your kids entertained with different toys.  But it’s also a great way to trial some of the more expensive toys you might be thinking of buying – you can make sure the kids really do love them before you part with your hard earned cash.  I checked out some of the prices of the toys we borrowed this week and the Little Tikes slide retails online for $240.99 at http://www.toyplanet.co.nz.  That’s some serious cash and the kiddo would have to promise he was going to use it until he was 27 in order for me to spend that.   (Also, just a little aside –  when I checked the US Little Tikes site the same slide is $55 US dollars – which converted at $66 NZ dollars today.  Wow, are we getting ripped off.  But that’s a whole other topic!).

If you’ve passed the toy library sign but not got round to joining up before, get down there.  It’s a fantastic way to keep your kids supplied with great toys without spending a fortune.  They have everything from big ride on toys and dressing up costumes to musical toys, exersaucers and walkers.  There’s so much to choose from and stuff to suit all ages.

A year’s membership costs $130 if you just take a straight membership.  But you can halve that cost to $65 if you do want volunteer ‘duty’ at the toy library.  This just involves helping out for three hours one Saturday morning or for a couple of sessions on Wednesday evenings when they are only open for an hour and a half.  You might be checking toys that people bring back, washing toys, or just generally helping with whatever needs to be done.

The Rangiora Toy Library is open Saturdays 9.30-12.30 and Wednesdays 6pm – 7.30pm.

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