IMG_0872It was grey and drizzly on Sunday when we pulled up outside Wee Dram Farm Park in Fernside.  The car park was empty.  The office looked unmanned.  It didn’t look too much fun.

But it goes to show that you can’t judge on first impressions.  We had a great time despite the miserable weather and the uninspiring start.

So what can you expect?  Well, I’ll admit it does look pretty bleak at first glance.  There are small fenced paddocks that run either side of the path down to the end of the farm.  But there aren’t many trees or much landscaping so it can look a bit stark.

So this makes the animals the star of the show.  And actually, that was what the kiddo loved.  He got the chance to stroke a rabbit and touch a turtle.  He also learnt an important lesson about sticking his finger into rabbit hutches and how fingers get bitten.  Entirely our fault for being slack parents.  Anyway, he soon forgot about it because he was so entranced with all the animals.

There are pigs, rabbits, goats, a deer, donkeys, ducks, turkeys and some exotic birds as well as two little chinchillas near the entrance.  You can wonder in amongst some of them and you can feed most of them with the little bags of feed they sell at the entrance ($1).

Another plus point was that the owner was friendly and welcoming.  He chatted away to us – telling us about the types of rabbit and the deer’s tragic start in life.  It made it more interesting to hear a bit about how some of the animals came to be there.  Although the kiddo was more interested in practising his pig noises.

Anyway, if you’re looking for a way to pass a bit of time with the kids on a Sunday morning, Wee Dram Farm is a pretty good option.

We paid $10 per adult and the kiddo, under 2, was free.

You can find entry times and ticket prices here.

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