photo(17) Whenever I walk past The Gingerbread House in Good Street, I usually have to stop because my little boy likes to look at the brightly coloured letters on the wall outside.   I’ve always glimpsed a lot of sweet treats and cakey things inside.  And I’ve purposely avoided going in, because…well, boy + sweet treats…nah, it’s too much trouble.

But today a friend suggested we meet there for coffee and I’ve become a convert to their lovely, homely tea room.     It’s small and cosy with just a few tables.  There’s a box of toys for the kids and a high chair as well and Penny, who runs it, makes you feel really welcome.

But the main thing is there are all sorts of tempting sweet things – from orange and almond cookies to toasted teacakes and Eccles cakes.  We opted for tea, a macaroon and a scone which came to a total of $8.  The tea came in a nice big pot, with extra water and milk to cater to all tastes – it was plenty for two.  My macaroon was coconutty and crunchy and delicious.

They also have some savouries – ploughman’s lunch and toasted sandwiches.  And a range of ice-cream and ice-cream related things, like sundaes.

And there are little lunchboxes for kiddies.  For $8 they get a cute, colourful takeaway box with a selection of six little treats – sweets, savouries and healthy options like raisins and grapes.

Oh and they do an ‘elegant afternoon tea’ which includes delicate little petit fours, elegant sandwiches, scones and a pot of tea.  For two sharing it costs $20.

I really liked The Gingerbread House and I can’t believe I’ve never ventured inside before.  It feels a little bit retro and a little bit cutesy – all in a really good way.

Definitely one to try.


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