Next time you see a timexchange leaflet...why not sign up?

Next time you see a timexchange leaflet…why not sign up?

As it’s National Volunteers week, it seems like a timely moment to find out a bit more about timexchange.

I’d spotted a couple of notices about it recently in the local paper and I wanted to find out a bit more, so I popped along to meet the co-ordinator, Kate Powell.

Timexchange is a community project where people volunteer their skills to help others and in return they can get help with things they need.  So, for example, there maybe an elderly lady who needs her firewood stacked.  If you spend an hour doing that, you then have one hour of credit.  You can then use that to ask for one hour of help from any of the other members – perhaps you need someone to do some clothing alterations for you or help you set up your new computer for example.  If there’s nothing you need help with immediately you can bank your credits until you do.  Basically, it’s like the name says – you exchange time and skills in the community.

It sounds like a great idea.  At the moment Timexchange has one hundred members says Kate, and they are  keen to increase this and “build up some critical mass”.  Members can exchange all sorts of skills such as sewing, baking, cooking a meal,  chopping firewood, gardening, mowing lawns, knitting, altering clothes or even things like massage or yoga tuition.  “The possibilities are endless…” says Kate.

And there’s no minimum amount of time that you have to volunteer for.  Timexchange is a seven days a week project – “so don’t be put off signing up by your busy lifestyle…”, says Kate, “if you only have a couple of hours on a Sunday morning – that’s fine”.

So, if you like the idea of helping others in the community, meeting new people and getting some help in return – then head over to the Timexchange website and sign up online.  After you’ve signed up you’ll get a call from Kate to have a chat and complete the membership process.  If you’re not keen on online sign ups, or don’t have a computer at home, then you can call Kate in the first instance and she’ll help you get up and running.  Tel: 0221 635 199.

Would you sign up for Timexchange?  Yes?  No?  Not sure?  What do you think of this community initiative?  Let us know in the comments below.



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