I stopped by at the Reality Bites cafe this morning.  I have never been in there before.  Not sure why, perhaps because it feels a bit tucked away in the Gables there.  But on a cold winter morning, tucked away is good.

They have a great range of cabinet food and other dishes.  With something to suit all tastes.  If you’re not worried about your clothes feeling a little tight then there’s stuff like Hillyers gourmet pies with fries for $9.50.  Or self-saucing sausage rolls and fries for $8.50.

For those of you who are a bit more health conscious then there are healthy looking wraps, paleo bliss balls, vegan salads, gluten free sweet treats and lots more.  I was really impressed with the range of things for vegetarians.

The slices and muffins, etc seemed to mostly start around the $4 mark.

I had a cappucino and a biscotti.  It came to $7.20.  The biscotti is made there and was nice and light but satisfied my sweet tooth.  Also, it wasn’t stale which is a bonus…I’ve had a couple of these lately in different places and I think some cafes leave them in those jars a little longer than they should.

There are plenty of tables and booths, both inside and ‘outside’ in the Gables.  It was all clean and bright and service was good.

A great place for a quick coffee stop or, later in the day, a tasty lunch.  I’ll definitely be heading back as some of those dishes really appealed.


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