Pierogis at Ohoka Market

Pierogis at Ohoka Market

Pee-ow – what?

That was my first thought when I saw this new stall at Ohoka Farmers Market.  Turns out they’re pierogis – which are a type of European dumpling.  And they’re really quite yummy.

The pierogis are handmade from unleavened dough, which is then stuffed with various delicious fillings.  You can get them both sweet and savoury.

The Pierogi Joint was started by a lady from Canada, Kate, who married a kiwi and moved to Christchurch.  When she got here she discovered that she couldn’t buy her favourite snack anywhere.  So she decided to make them herself and introduce them to Christchurch.

We tried a ‘treehugger’ pierogi – stuffed with tofu, artichoke hearts, spinach, cheese, spices and onion.  It was $1.50 and delicious.

There are also plenty of options with meat if you’re feeling a bit carnivorous.  For those with a sweet tooth you can get pierogis with blueberry, sweet cheese, chocolate, poached apple…you name it.  Yum, yum.

You can check out The Pierogi Joint’s page on Facebook.


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