Espresso Garden Cafe

Espresso Garden Cafe


Mitre 10 might not be the most glamorous of settings for a cafe, but the Espresso Garden Cafe has become one of our favourite weekend coffee spots lately.

So what’s on the menu?  Well they do a pretty good coffee, but also offer tea starting from $3.80 and other drinks like hot blackcurrant and milkshakes for the kids.  Food wise they have plenty of sweet treats in the cabinet – all kinds of slices and muffins and gluten free options.  Plus there’s a good menu which includes snacks like toasties ($7.50) as well as more substantial things like eggs benedict, caesar salad, ice cream sundaes, etc.

There are plenty of tables and even a couple of more relaxed sofa areas to sit.  As well as outdoor seating.  There’s also a great outdoor play area within easy view and reach of some of the outdoor tables.  It’s got a slide and climbing frames and a nice, cushioned floor to avoid bumps and bruises.  Inside the cafe there’s a small box of toys to keep kids entertained at the table – the usual dolls, trucks, etc.

I’ve always found the staff pleasant and friendly.  And the guy who makes the coffee does a great job.  My only criticism is that it can get a little slow when it’s very busy.  But that’s only happened to us once.  And to be fair, when they did remember our toastie they were very apologetic.  I don’t mind someone forgetting something or mixing up an order if they deal with it nicely – mistakes happen.

So, you can pick up any DIY stuff you need, the kids can play in the brilliant outdoor (but under cover) play area.  And you can enjoy your coffee and a tasty snack in peace.  What’s not to like?

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