Yeugh, it’s raining…where can you go for coffee and keep the kids distracted….ID-100182359

Coffee Culture, 113 High Street, Rangiora – Just tucked in the corner by the side of the counter is an enclosed play area with glass door.  So you can see what the kids are up to.  There are a few toys in there and a little television playing cartoons and kid appropriate stuff.  It’s a plus that the area is enclosed so your kids can’t wonder off.  But on the minus side it is quite small and the limited toys means that my kiddo is soon bored.

Coffee Culture, 121  Raven Quay, Kaiapoi – This reasonably new cafe has a pretty good play area.  It’s not enclosed but just tucked away at the back.  Last time I was there they had a stack of toys and it kept the boy entertained pretty well for the time it took to drink a latte and eat a muffin.

Artisan Cafe, 18 High Street, Rangiora – This is definitely the playroom cafe of choice in Rangiora I think.  They’ve got a great area on the second floor with glass walls and door so you can see inside and plenty to keep kids occupied from big building blocks to smaller toys.

Coffee Worx, 13 Ashley Street, Rangiora – No playroom here, but they do have a good box of toys which I’ve always found keeps the kiddo distracted for a reasonable amount of time.  Sure, it’s not as good as a proper play area but the staff are always nice and friendly here too and that makes a difference.


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