Amanda and her daughter Poppy Rose

Amanda and her daughter Poppy Rose

Amanda Scott-Richards moved to New Zealand, with her husband when she was 8 months pregnant.  They brought with them a suitcase, the family dog and a horse.  That sounds like somebody who is not afraid of a bit of adventure.

That was back in 2009, now she’s busy working on her organic skincare business, Wanden End.  The products are made from natural, local ingredients and the range includes all sorts of things from lip balms to shaving soaps.  All the carrier oils and the beeswax are also biogro certified in these products.

“I love playing around with different combinations of essential oils and trying them out on my family” says Amanda.  And whilst the family may never run short of soap, she also gets a “kick out of knowing that when I sell these products there are no nasty chemicals and that they will nurture and provide some sense of calm”.

The first product Amanda started to make was Baby Bottom Balm, made from calendula infused oil, it has great healing powers.  “I used it for all my children and never had nappy rash problems.  The children call it magic cream” she says.  Then she started making bath oils.  Then friends were asking her to make some for them and so her business was born.

She has always had a big interest in natural ingredients and using herbs and botanicals.  “I grew up around the idea of using natural remedies whenever possible” she says.  Her grandmother, back in the UK, would prepare remedies from what was available in the garden and some of those recipes are now used in the Wanden End products.

If you’re wondering about the name ‘Wanden End’ it comes from what was Amanda’s family home back in the UK.  A beautiful old 14th century farmhouse, it had been in the family for 400 years.  But over a hundred years ago the farm had been sold with a convenant in place that stated it would stay within the family as long as there was a direct male heir.  Amanda’s great great grandfather did this because he’d wanted all his 12 children to benefit from the sale of the farm.

Sadly, the last male heir died in an accident in 2006 and two years later that covenant came into play.  What had been the family farm was made into a golf course.

Amanda and her husband, Jeremy, have a long term goal to have an organic farm here in Canterbury.  Their own re-creation of Wanden End.

You can check out Amanda’s products at her website or pop along to Ohoka Market on Friday.  There are some delicious smelling lotions and potions and some great Xmas gift ideas on her stall.



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