Inside Kingsford Kitchen

Inside Kingsford Kitchen


I wasn’ t sure what to expect of new cafe, Kingsford Kitchen.  Tucked away down Kingsford Smith Drive off Southbrook Road, it looks a lonely little building in the midst of empty land and half built stuff.  And when we pitched up on Sunday morning it was empty.

Which is a shame, because it’s really a pretty nice place.  The inside is llight, bright and modern and still manages to be comfortable.  And there’s seating indoor and out on a little terrace area.

There’s plenty of cabinet food – sweet and savoury and a brunch menu that runs till 11.30am.    I opted for coffee and friand – which was delicious – moist and flavoursome.  My partner ordered poached eggs on a muffin with bacon and hollandaise sauce.  It was well presented and tasty.

But small.  Just one egg on one muffin with one slice of bacon.  Some might not like that, but I actually think it’s a plus point.  I like to finish my meal feeling satisfied not stuffed and this is perfect brunch/lunch time stuff that won’t leave you feeling full for the rest of the day.  And the size is also reflected in the price – just $11 for this brunch dish.

Service was great, friendly and efficient.  Coffees all arrived together and cooked dish didn’t take too long.  Which sounds like a no brainer,  but I’m often amazed by the number of places that can’t get that kind of basic stuff right.

I think this is a great brunch/lunch with a friend type place.  If you pop in just for coffee I think you’ll struggle to avoid all those tempting snacks.  And if you go with little kids, I think you’ll be in and out quite quick.  It feels a little too neat to be kid friendly.  Which is fine, there are plenty of other places with toy boxes and play areas if that’s what you’re after.  Sometimes it’s nice to go somewhere grown up.

I’ll definitely be going back.


3 thoughts on “Kingsford Kitchen: Cafe Review

  1. Had lunch there today which was OK but not of particular note. It was busy but by any standards having to wait 2 hours and 3 minutes for our table meal was just too much. Wont be going again!


    • Jeepers, I’d say that’s a pretty long wait by any standards. Did you complain? Did they apologise? I’m always interested in how long is an acceptable wait for a meal. Have had some quite bad experiences in recent months with places when busy. But I don’t think being ‘busy’ is an acceptable excuse really.


  2. Continental are immensely proud of what we have achieved with the opening of Kingsford Ktichen and we certainly don’t like to disappoint any customers.

    This group was originally booked for 35 and then grew to 50 which they were told was our maximum. On the day 84 turned up, in hindsight we should have turned away the additional 34 guests as part of Gordon’s group. The organisers have since apologised for putting our staff in such a pressured situation and our team are now a lot more forceful when explaining our maximum booking numbers.

    The staff on the day did apologise and we are very sorry that we had a customer leave dissatisfied and we’ve put in place systems to prevent such a scenario occurring again.


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