Tiny Training Chopsticks

Tiny Training Chopsticks

Tucked away in the Lillybrook Centre I’d never really noticed Asian restaurant Little Yummy, until I was talking to a friend who recommended it.  With family in town, we popped out for dinner there last week.

It was Friday night and surprisingly empty, just us and one other table.  Always slightly worrying but with a toddler in tow we were eating early so I guess that might explain it and there was a steady stream of people popping in for takeaways.

The menu has plenty of choice with chicken, beef and prawn options for the curries and a couple of other dishes.  There are also noodle and rice dishes, omelettes and a few vegetable only dishes.  We got some deep friend wontons to start and then I opted for the Panaeng curry with vegetables ($17) and others had sweet and sour pork ($15).  All the main dishes come with rice but we also added in an egg fried rice.

The drinks menu is short and sweet with two or three red and white wines and some available by the glass ($8).  There are also beers and soft drinks.

The curry was delicious with a coconut type sauce spicy enough to have some flavour, but not so much that it left you gasping.   As for the sweet and sour pork, well I’m not usually a big fan – it’s that really over orangey colour that puts me off.  But the bits I stole off my husband’s plate were yummy – a nice mellow sauce with just enough sweetness to it.  The egg fried rice was lovely – light and flavoursome with no greasiness to it.  So good we had to get a second bowl.

Service was great, really quick and friendly.  And they were really nice to our toddler – bringing him special little bowls and a fantastic set of Thomas the Tank Engine training chopsticks.  He chose to use his hands regardless but the rest of us had a great time trying them out.

I’ll definitely be adding this one to my favourites list.

You can find Little Yummy’s opening hours and contact details, as well as a menu, on their Facebook page.


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