20150227_165446Music playing, evening sun shining, plenty of wide open space, big blue sky and lots of yummy smelling food.

Yep, I finally got along to the Rangiora Twilight Market tonight and I thought it was a great set up.  It’s only being going a few short weeks but it was nice to see it seems to have developed its own personality.  Tonight it certainly seemed like less of  a run in and do your shopping type market and more of a take your time and enjoy the vibe kind of market.   There was plenty of space, live music, a few (but not many) craft/clothes stalls and just one produce stall.  Honestly, it seemed a little light on the stalls this evening.

But there were plenty of food stalls.  We plumped for a snack of tasty nachos with Mexican beans, cheese and sour cream at the Food Evolving truck.  It was delicious.  But there were plenty of other tempting choices – Kung Fu dumplings (beef, chicken and veggie options), Becky’s Kitchen with spring rolls, wontons and noodle dishes.  And there were pitta pockets, doner kebabs, bacon sandwiches, hot dogs and lots of sweet things that I tried to not even look at to be honest.  But they certainly seemed to be attracting a crowd.  So, really, something to suit everyone food wise.

There are plenty of tables and chairs to sit and eat on and sitting there nibbling our nachos, it felt like a great way to spend a sunny Friday evening.    And tonight there was even the added bonus of being able to watch some amazingly talented kids trampolining, as part of a fundraiser for ICE Trampoline and Tumbling Sports.  They were great.

Anyway, I’ll definitely be heading back to Rangiora Twilight Market.  As long as the sun is shining.  Which does make me wonder what will happen to this market in the winter months.  As it was tonight, there wasn’t enough there stall wise to get me down there if it was chilly or raining.  But, hey, for now, it’s a great Friday night place to relax and avoid cooking.  If you haven’t tried it yet, get down there.

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