This new building coming to High Street will house a vibrant co-working space

This new building coming to High Street will house a vibrant co-working space

I’ve been working from home for ages, mostly it suits me.  But there are days when I wish I worked in an office where I didn’t walk past piles of laundry or feel the need to vaccum the carpet half way through a piece of work.

Home working can be full of distractions, interuptions and sometimes it can just be plain lonely.   It’s a problem that a lot of small business people come across – at some stage you just want to move on from that home office tucked away behind the laundry/off the garage/in the spare bedroom.  But it’s expensive to rent premises and hard to find ones that cater to one or two person businesses.

Now a new co-working space coming to Rangiora has the solution. Located in part of the new building that is going up on High Street, with the pedestrian walkway running beside it.  They will be renting out desks, workstations and one or two private offices.  Not sure what the pricing options are but apparently it will be affordable and flexible – so no locking people into five year tenancies and that kind of thing.

Plus they throw in – chair, desk, ultrafast broadband and coffee.  The idea is to create a really vibrant workspace where small business people can work, network and enjoy all the benefits of designated office space.

You can check out their website here.  And if you’re feeling inspired they’re also running a competition to come up with a great name for this new workspace – there’s a Samsung tablet for the winning entry – so it’s got to be worth a shot.

Sounds like this’ll be a great place for those of you wanting to move on from running your business at home.


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