I was in Rangiora this morning and a few Mother’s Day things caught my eye.  Here’s a few things I thought could make good gifts for Mums on Sunday.

Cute Mother's Day Cookies at the Gingerbread House

Cute Mother’s Day Cookies at the Gingerbread House

Pretty little ‘Mum’ cookies – $3 from the Gingerbread House on Good Street.  All pretty and pink, with little flowers and twirls.

Cute earrings from local designer Harper Rose – from $20 in Cream & Clover on High Street.  Or you can find Harper Rose direct on Facebook.

Salted Brittle Caramel Chocolate from the Wellington Chocolate Factory  – $13.99 from The Organic Food House on Queen Street – Chocolate lovers will appreciate this one.  It looks like a normal bar, albeit in a pretty wrapper, but come on – salted brittle caramel?  Yum, yum.

4″ x 6″ Verona Photo Frame – $16 from F-Stop on High Street –  Nice, modern photo frame for a standard size photo, just a glass front held in place with magnets.

Standard Manicure – $20 at The Nail Salon by Warehouse Stationery – Nice, new purpose built nail salon.  If you want to splash out then you could treat mum to the whole pedicure where you get to sit in a nice massage chair and get a relaxing foot massage too ($40).  Closed Sunday though – so you’d need to get a voucher or book it in – it says they do bookings on Sunday.



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