Michelle Nelson

Michelle Nelson

Sunday is our big day in real estate – with open homes and viewings. I might get home at 6pm or 10pm.

In this job you’ve got to be available when people want to see you. You’ve got to be prepared to give up weekends and public holidays sometimes.

I guess that’s what I learned from my dad. He was in real estate for 20 years and I grew up with it – sitting and waiting in dad’s car when he was with a client.

But I’m always happy to go to work. There is a lot of scheduled stuff to do– making advertising deadlines, giving feedback to clients, reporting – that kind of thing. But I have a fantastic PA who does most of that for me.

There are set things I do each week, but I give myself the week to do those tasks. So the first week of the month for example, is when I do my monthly 4property newsletter. But leaving myself a week to do it means I’m able to deal with the ‘disturbances’.

And the disturbances are actually my business. They’re what matters. They’re things like showing properties, dealing with referrals, a client ringing up to talk about their property.

Real estate isn’t all sell, sell, sell – it’s about knowing people, talking to them. I get a real buzz from matching the right people to the right house.

Most of my clients are my friends on Facebook, I’ve nothing to hide.

I also have to fit my community roles into the week.   I’m often out after work as I’m on several committees and the Rangiora Community Board, liaising between residents and the council.

I don’t have any strict rules about down time, or work/life balance but I’m very conscious that with my son being 13 time together is precious.   We’ve just decided to walk the Kepler Track together so we’re getting a fitness routine sorted and I’m committed to that. I try to take off one weekend a month as well.

I’m always juggling things. I think good agents are adrenalin junkies.

You can find out more about Michelle and her work at www.4property.co.nz.

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