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I like the idea of healthy eating – it’s just the preparation that seems so much hassle.  And the fact that I don’t really know what to do with half the ingredients.  So when it comes to dinner time and it’s soak lentils or throw frozen hoki fillets in the oven…well, I think you know where I’m going.  But I want to change that – I’d love to know more about cooking healthy and tasty whole foods.  So I was excited to see that the Organic Food House in Rangiora are going to be running a series of talks about this topic next month.

These information sessions are in the evening and cover topics from wholefoods, juicing for winter wellness and eating well without gluten.  You can also learn how to make the fermented drink kombucha, get tips on using raw ingredients and see some demo recipes.

And if you’re a whizz at making something delicious and you’ve thought about trying to sell it at farmer’s markets – then you might want to book up for their “So you want to be a market food artisan?” talk.

All the talks are $10 and take place at the Organic Food House.  You can register in advance by emailing admin@theorganicfoodhouse.co.nz or calling 03 313 0025 and leaving your name or contact number.  Or why not just bypass the technological approach and ask staff in store, they’ve got leaflets with a full list of the talks and details and you can sign up there and then.

Here’s a summary list of dates and talk titles:

July 20th – Wholefoods; July 21st Honey and Bees; 22nd July Juicing and Blending for Winter Wellness; July 23rd So You Want To Be A Market Food Artisan; 27th July Healthy Soils; 28th July The Art of The Leaf Meets the Art of the Bubble – Elevating the fermentation of Kombucha; 29th July An Introduction to Raw Food; 30th July Eating Well Without Gluten.


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