My working week is split – I work as a Co-ordinator for Rangiora Promotions and I’m also a District Councillor, so I have a lot to juggle.

It can be a bit unpredictable from week to week but I do try to keep to a basic schedule.  Monday and Thursday are the main days I work for Rangiora Promotions; I drop my girls off at school and  then try to do a 7 hour day in the office.  My office is tucked up in a small space at Compass FM.  I generally make up the rest of my 20 hours by doing school hours on Friday, and sometimes events necessitate working on weekends and evenings.

My role involves keeping the members connected and informed, and promoting our town.  I am the administrator for monthly committee meetings, accounts and organise events.  At the moment I’m pulling together all the strands for the Midwinter Splash which is on 20 June.

I also run the Rangiora Promotions Facebook page, which I love; I’m a Facebook addict and I love seeing people interacting and talking about local information on our page.  I post interesting things about what our members are up to – promotions or services or new products, plus general information about what is happening in Rangiora.

Tuesday is my main council day.  Councillors are like a board of directors, we oversee where money is spent and try to balance out the expert advice from staff with what the community wants.  About 50% of my council time is spent reading – we’ll sometimes get 300 page agendas for meetings and you learn to be a speed reader.

We also have (almost) weekly meetings to attend and the other main aspect of the job is liaising with members of the community.  The time this takes is unpredictable – people can ring you anytime, they usually come to us if they’ve had a problem with the council and they don’t feel it’s been resolved, or they don’t know who to contact.

I’m also Mum to two girls, 7 and 10 years old, and I try to set aside time just to be with them.  I’ve freed up a lot of my weekends and I also try to make Wednesdays my “stay at home day” when I sort out things in the house, like my children’s on floor filing system!

I’ve learnt to be productive, juggling different roles with limited time and to be honest I think that’s something all mothers soon learn.  There are so many demands on your time and you have to decide where to direct your energies.  I enjoy my working life but my family always comes first.

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