Face shot 5

At the moment I’m just getting to work on the next Toddlers Big Day In that’s going to be in July. My daughter, Jess (3) , was the inspiration for the Toddlers’ Days and my working week is shaped around her.

Because of what I do, every week is different but we do have a bit of a schedule. Jess has morning activities most week days, so we go to those. Then it’s home, lunch and quiet time for her whilst I get on with some work. I get really stuck into work in the evenings, often if I’m in the thick of things with an event I’ll work till 10pm or later.

If I have an event then obviously that takes over, but some weeks it’s meetings about new events, or meeting people about progress, new ideas, advertising, publicity and so on. I often take Jess to meetings with me, but of course I always check with people first and tell them she’s coming.

It has been challenging working and being a full time mum. One time I was working on four events and Jess just gave up her daytime sleep. That’s when I came up with ‘quiet time’ for her when she’s in the room with me, but just playing with her toys. She is really, really good and she does listen so I can get work things done while she’s with me.

I work pretty much seven days a week really and at the moment I’m just trying to establish my own business – Ideal Events. Since I set it up I have bounced from event to event, and not had spare time to put together the ‘look and feel’ of the business.

I have set up an office at home in my Dad’s house in Rangiora which is great as it’s really central for all my business. It’s just an area in the living room and then I recently bought a storage shed for some of my event things – like the gazebos that I’m going to start hiring out. Dad put up the shed for me, I think he was relieved because I was starting to take over his garage with all my stuff.

The high of my job is seeing an event come together and people enjoying it. It takes months to put together an event and I love the presentation side of it, making things look really nice on the day.

I guess my least favourite thing is always having to stretch money out of nowhere. It’s often the way with community events, you just have such a small budget…Accessing the finances required to produce events is never the most enjoyable part of my role, however it’s a very important part.


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