Midwife Jackie Snowden is in the baby business

Midwife Jackie Snowden is in the baby business


Every week is different because babies can be born anytime.   I do have a rough schedule though.  On Mondays I have an evening ante natal clinic, Tuesday is my day for post natal visits catching up with new mums and babies at their homes.  Wednesday is another clinic day and Thursday is more post natal visits and office stuff – checking blood results, referrals and so on.

But I’m on call 24/7 and so my week can all get thrown out at any moment.   it does have an impact on family life.  I couldn’t do it without my husband, he looks after everything at home so I can put 100% into this job.  And although I try to take every second weekend off, if one of my ladies goes into labour – I really want to be there.  I’ve looked after these lovely ladies for the previous seven months and I want to be there when their babies come.

The busiest time I’ve had is when I had 4 babies born on one day.  I made it to all of them.

But things can get really difficult time wise.  A labour can go on for a long time and you have to stay with the mother for 2 hours afterwards – so sometimes you just can’t be in two places at once.  So, like all midwives, I do have back up – another midwife, Ange, if I can’t make it she goes in my place and vice versa.

Often your family takes second best in this job.  I’ve missed my daughter’s birthday three years in a row.  She doesn’t mind, she thinks it’s great that babies are being born on her birthday.  But last year we made a special effort to go away so that I wouldn’t be working.

We do try to have family time and in the evenings I often put my phone on silent for texts, although I’ll still hear voice calls.  We sit down together as a family for dinner every evening although of course, sometimes I get called away.  Last weekend though I got called away when I was grouting the pantry with my husband.  Grouting the pantry or delivering a baby?  It was an easy choice!.

It’s more a way of life really than just a job.  For the whole family, not just me.  There’s a really exciting element to it though – I love what I do.  If I had time for a hobby it would be delivering babies.

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