“It really was a great feeling to give the food out, knowing that the food was not going to waste and being received by such grateful recipients who are doing awesome work in our communities”.

This was Phillipa Hunt’s take on the very first donation received by North Canterbury food rescue operation, Satisfy last week.

Phillipa, from Waikuku Beach,  set up Satisfy early last year, after reading an article about food rescue.  “I thought it was a great idea but I spent about six months just thinking about…it’s a big thing to do”.  She was also conscious of squeezing more into her already busy life as a working mother of two school age children.  But her desire to see a local food rescue operation won out and she soon set about establishing Satisfy as a charity and finding others to help her.

The idea is simple.  Satisfy will take food waste from retailers and producers and distribute them to those in need via local food banks. But actually the hardest part has been getting donations says Phillipa.  Some businesses already donate their food waste to Christchurch based organisations, others have told her they  have no waste or that they were worried about liability issues. (Satisfy however, do have public liability insurance and a memo of understanding with any companies that donate to transfer liability first to Satisfy and then to the donating food bank).

“It’s been a tough road” says Phillipa.  But it sounds like they’re at the start of something great.

Currently Satisfy are in discussion with some other local businesses who are interested in making regular donations.  And last week’s donation of 280kgs of fruit juice has already been distributed to three separate community organisations in Kaiapoi.

Satisfy are always on the lookout for volunteers to sort and transport produce.  Likewise they operate on a tiny budget so donations are always welcome.  Just hop over to their website to find out more.




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