I’m always up early – 8am would be a lie in.  Every morning  I do food for the shop (The Organic Food House) in my commercial kitchen.  I probably spend about 3 hours or so a day in there – baking and cooking.   I make muffins and the fresh salads that we sell at the shop.

Later in the week, on Thursdays, I also do the food for the market – things like the tahini bars and birdseed bars we sell – they’re always really popular and I make a lot of them for the shop too.  Some things take longer of course, like the muesli – it takes three or four hours to make a batch up.

I go into the shop and drop the food off everyday and I also spend a couple of hours there dealing with things.  The staff we’ve got there are great but still there’s a lot to deal with and between that and the market it feels quite constant at the moment.

There’s all the marketing stuff – the market newsletter, corresponding with stallholders, website updates.  We’re also running some workshops on healthy eating at the shop next month so things like designing the leaflets for those take time.  And I’m always getting enquiries from people wanting to sell at the market so I have to respond to those.

I always have my phone with me so people can get hold of me and I can stay in touch with family.  But I try not to check emails all the time – I rarely check them before midday.  My computer time is mostly in the evenings – I resent spending time on the computer in the day – I’d rather be outside.

I also make sure I fit some physical activity in a few times a week – I love swimming and sometimes go running.  I also do yoga.  We used to head off snowboarding when the kids were little – it kept us sane in the winter.

I do need balance in my life and I have certain habits and rituals that I try to stick to.  I always have my green tea in the morning.  Finding space in your head to think, that’s actually quite important.

Check out  Ohoka Farmers Market and the Organic Food House.


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