It’s so cold I don’t know if I can get motivated to leave the house.  But if you can, then there are a few options on this weekend.

On Saturday head down to Blackwells in Kaiapoi and you can watch ice sculpting – sounds a bit different and kicks off at 2pm.  It’s designed to coincide with the Kaiapoi Art Expo which is also this weekend, Saturday and Sunday, 10am to 5pm at the Riverview Lounge, Kaiapoi Club on Raven Quay.  It’s the 10th Anniversary of this art show this year and there will be over 500 artworks on display.  I went last year and it was pretty good, definitely worth a visit if you enjoy  your art.

There’s also a few KidsFest things on with the Professional Super Spy Training in Kaiapoi on Saturday and Sunday – but you need to book that one.    Also, an easy thing is the Great Bear Hunt also in Kaiapoi – basically you go round looking for bears in shop windows.  You can pick up an entry form at the Kaiapoi i-site.  I think completed forms go in a draw to win something.  Quite fun for littlies.

Over in Oxford there’s a similar thing, this time it’s the Great Art Treasure Hunt – again on Saturday and Sunday.  Pop in to Arts in Oxford for an entry form.


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