Inside the revamped Espresso Garden Cafe at Mitre 10

Inside the revamped Espresso Garden Cafe at Mitre 10

I was lucky enough today to get a sneaky peek inside the new, revamped Espresso Garden Cafe in Mitre 10 at Rangiora.  It’s amazing to see how the new owners have transformed in just three weeks.  I used to go there quite a bit and it really was crying out for a change.

Anyway, it’s looking great now with new wooden floors, a rustic stonework bar and some interesting murals on the wall.  There’s also going to be artwork on display and for sale.

The seating is all new too, with red wine coloured booth seats along the main window and tables down the centre.  Outside there are some fab gabion tables and seats going in so customers can enjoy the outside view by the little creek and the native plantings.  The indoor area has seating for approximately 50 people.  Overall, it’s looking clean, fresh, modern and the kind of place you’d like to linger over your coffee.

Teas and cute teapots waiting to be put to use next week.

Teas and cute teapots waiting to be put to use next week.

For the littlies there are some great toys to keep them occupied as well as plenty of kiddies’ books in the book swap area.  And, of course, they can also adopt one of the cute cuddlies for $5 – with all proceeds going to the Champion Centre.

Menu wise, new owner Claire Daly says they’re keeping the most popular things on the menu and also adding a few new dishes.  There’ll be breakfast favourites like a fully bacon, egg, sausage, toast fry up as well as things like eggs benedict.  They’ll also be serving a varied lunch menu.  And kiddies get their own menu too with plenty of healthy choices available.

The cafe is going to be open from 8.30am to 4.30pm seven days a week.  And it opens for business on Tuesday this week – 21st July.  So pop along and check it out – it will make going to Mitre 10 a whole lot more fun.


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