Coffee Culture Kaiapoi - Kids Area

Coffee Culture Kaiapoi – Kids Area

I’m always on the lookout for places that are good to go for coffee but also are kid friendly.  By that I don’t necessarily mean that they offer kids’ menus, but just that there are some toys or something for kids to do and you don’t have to stress out about keeping them sitting nicely in a chair whilst you throw down a flat white.  Here are some of the places I’ve found that tick those boxes.

Coffee Culture, Kaiapoi – They have a neat little kids’ area tucked away at the back of the cafe with plenty of toys and books and comfortable seating for the grown ups.  It’s carpeted, clean and quite well contained.  The only drawback is that it’s a small area with only one table, so if it’s occupied you have to dive in and either grab some toys out or try to get your child to play  nicely with others.  Not always possible.  (As a footnote, once you’ve had your coffee pop across to the new libraby in Kaiapoi where they’ve got a great kids area.  Or if it’s sunny head over to Trousselot Park to tire them out on the hamster wheel).

Espresso Garden Cafe – Mitre 10 Rangiora – Since it’s revamp this is becoming the most kid friendly cafe in town.  New owners have put in plenty of kids books, toys and comfy seating areas with couches and there’s a dedicated menu with healthy snacks on for little ones.  It’s been really well thought out and kids are most definitely welcome – and, of course, for the slightly older ones there’s the wee playground area outside with the helicopter.  However, the cafe is proving very popular so if you’re heading along for lunch it might be worth booking.  You can check them out on Facebook.

Reality Bites, Rangiora – I love the food here, it’s a great to see a bit of veggie and vegan stuff on the menu.  When it comes to the kids, the open seating space outside is better for lively small people I think and there are also a couple of couches by the entrance.  Inside there is a wee table and chair set with colouring pens and paper and a box of toys to keep them busy.

Artisan Cafe, Rangiora – This is a great spot to go with the kids, really family friendly.  Upstairs there are plenty of comfy couches for you to enjoy your coffee.  And for the kids there’s a separate playroom with toys and big building blocks and things to keep small hands busy.  It’s sectioned off with glass so you can see what the kids are up to but not worry too much about the noise.

Flat White Cafe Bar, Pegasus – They’ve gone one step further at FW and created a child friendly room for families to enjoy coffee and snacks.  It’s a separate pavillion type area with plenty of toys to keep kids happy and, away from the main area of the cafe you don’t have to worry too much about noise, etc.  On the downside, when it gets really busy with lots of families and kids, you might enjoy your coffee less!

Cafe 51, Oxford – A bit further afield, but if you’re out in Oxford this cafe has a great outdoor play area with little plastic bikes, toy kitchen, wee play house, etc.  And the outdoor area is all fenced in so you can relax and the kids have fun.  Perfect.

Have you come across a great kid friendly cafe in North Canterbury?  Share it with us in the comments below.






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